Monday, August 12, 2013

Incrediman Web Comix #8

Happy Monday! Welcome back to a brand new installment of Incrediman Web Comix!!
Hope your weekend was well! Nothing too eventful here at Incrediman HQ. I did receive the proof copy of Incrediman Comix & Stories #4 over the weekend. The fine folks at Ka-Blam did another bang up job. This book will make it's debut at this year's Small Press Expo.
If you're unable to attend this years SPX and would like to get a copy of Incrediman Comix & Stories #4 drop me a line at for details.
Last week, as you may recall, the General had put his plan into play to cover up Incrediman's crash landing. Although, not everyone was buying it. This week, the hard sell continues...
That's all for this now. Hope everyone has a fun and safe week!! See you back here next Monday for more Incrediman Web Comix!!

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