Monday, November 25, 2013

Incrediman Web Comix #23

Happy Thanksgiving!!
We're kicking off the holiday weekend with a brand new Incrediman tale! This particular story was previously published in the comics anthology, Memory.
Last week Incrediman accepted a deal with the General to be a Super Hero in exchange for help recovering his memories and a healthy chunk of cash. This week Incrediman takes a minute to reflect.

Thanks for swinging by this week folks!
A quick note. I contributed to a comic anthology called Love + Monsters, which is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. We're creeping along towards our goal, but we could still use your help. Check it out. All pledges of support are greatly appreciated!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Incrediman Web Comix #22

This is it!
The stunning conclusion to the thrilling first chapter of Incrediman Web Comix!!
Last week, the General laid out his grand scheme. A partnership with Incrediman, fronted by a licensing corporation. Dumbstruck by the generous offer Incrediman needed a moment to mull it over.
One quick programming note! Despite what it says on this weeks installment, next will not be the first installment in "The Mysterious Mystery of King Mechavelli". Instead, the next two weeks will feature the short story that originally appeared in the recent anthology, Memory.
See you back here next Monday for the first installment of "Like the Corners of My Mind"!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Incrediman Web Comix #21

Happy Veteran's Day!
Hope everyone had a good week! While I was preparing this week's installment I discovered that this is the penultimate installment of the first "chapter" of Incrediman Web Comix! Thanks to everyone who has kept coming back over the last few months. I sincerely appreciate that!
Last week, the General revealed to Incrediman that the robot army was nothing but an illusion. The General also admitted he been conducting a series of tests on Incrediman in order to study him.
This week, the General finally reveals, to Incrediman, his full intentions.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Incrediman Web Comix #20

Last week, Incrediman single handedly defeated an entire robot army. This week, Incrediman learns not everything has been what it appeared.